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High Concept

A new take on high art

This comedy series explores the ever changing conversation of marijuana usage through a series of comedy shorts.  Each episode spoofs a different film genre ranging from the familiar to the absurd.

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Twelfth Night

January 5, 2018

William Shakespeare's beloved comedy brought to modern day California in a film that centers around a girl named Viola, washed up on the shore of an unfamiliar coastal town, and her attempts to make a new life for herself.  While dressed as a man to hide her identity she is finds herself falling in love with her employer, and once great musician, Duke Orsino. To complicate matters further, Viola is pursued by Olivia, a vivacious heiress who is unaware of Viola’s true identity.

As the tale unfolds, Olivia's drunk uncle Toby Belch and his mob of motley misfits team up to put Olivia's pretentious publicist, Malvolio, in his place. Watching over everything is the original wise fool, Feste, dishing out his brand of wisdom to anyone with a buck.

Twelfth Night is an inspiring tale of self-identity, love lost and found, and madcap mischief along the way.

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